Merlin Plast

Trade & Distribution of Plastics

We are a dynamically developing company on the domestic and international plastics market. As specialists in the trade and distribution of plastics throughout Europe and Asia, thanks to worked out, many years of contacts with the biggest suppliers and customers in the industry we are able to supply You materials for the production of plastics used in Injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.
We specialize in repetable, wholesale supplies of:
- virgin/prime,
- off-grades,
- regranulates,
- regrind,
- agglomerates,
- post-production waste.

We have a well-developed logistics base and contacts that enable us to be fast in order processing and delivery of repetitive material, a wide range of materials at competitive prices. We cooperate with many recycling companies dealing with distribution of reprocessed raw materials. By improving, developing and implementing the Company's goals, we strive to be consistently reliable and open to establish market relationships. We strive for optimization based on IT management with full automation of logistic and sales processes.


Merlin Plast is using electronic sales platform dedicated to plastics.


Please contact our sales team to receive latest offers.


Deliveries are processed with our own transport or using proven logistics companies.

Annex VII

We have all permits for storage and trading of plastic waste. We issue Annex VII required for international law.

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